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Whether you are looking to invest, sell, or improve your land and timber, we provide a variety of professional forestry services to meet your needs. Our company's top priority is the client's best interest; therefore, the initial consultation is free. Take at look what we can offer you!
Timber Sales and Inventory


Many landowners only sell timber a few times in their lifetime so it is very important to know the value of your timber before selling it. We can inventory your forest and assist you in the selling of your timber to maximize your investment. Our knowledge of the current markets will help you to make the best decision.

Prescribed Burning


Burning is the most economical and effective tool for a landowner to use in the management of their forest. We provide understory burning to help control unwanted vegetation and site-preparation burning to prepare a site for reforestation after a harvesting operation.

Herbicide Application
Herbicides are used in many different facists of forestry. From site-preparation spraying prior to planting trees to kudzu and cogongrass spraying we can help control unwanted species in your forest.



Firelane and Dozier Work


With every prescibed burn, firelanes must be established to contain the burn area. We can create new firelanes or improve existing firelanes. Also we provide a variety of dozier services to create roads, wildlife openings, and creek crossings which are often needed to access tracts of land and timber.



Once timber has been harvested it is important to replant your land to continue growing your investment. We plant a variety of species of pine and hardwoods each year. We provide hand-planting and machine-planting services.

Forest Management Plan


Every propery needs a set of working plans. This is most commonly referred to as a Forest Management Plan. We use the latest mapping technology including GIS software to develop short and long term goals for your property.

Wildlife Enhancement


We provide a variety of services to help create the ideal environment for you target wildlife.

Timber Appraisals


Timber Appraisals are performed to estimate the timber value on your property. This is useful when sellng timber, dividing land between family members, establishing a timber basis for tax purposes, or  analizing timberland as a possible investment.

Boundary Line Maintenance


Keeping property lines marked is vital to the management of your property. Establishing clear boundaries helps maintain good relationships with adjoining landowners as well as preventing possible timber trespasses.


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